Friday, June 4, 2010


Sooo for the most part today was a pretty good day. I heard back from the staffing place and she said that she has sent out my resume to several employers but hasnt heard anything just yet, but she says that is normal for the end of the week and I will most likely hear something back on Monday. Thank the lord!

Also, I got a good start on some spring cleaning. I'm def not done yet but I'm making good headway!

And on the other hand I'm got some things weighing on my heart today. My great aunt Jimmie (my nannie ) has been put on hospice care :-<..... Makes me really sad to know that shes in bad condition and I can't be near. My mom, nana, and my aunt Ruby are going down to Bastrop tomorrow to visit her. They say her kidneys arent functioning properly so theyre thinking she doesnt have long left.

Another thing that has been tugging on my heartstrings is the situation with Codys family. I finally got up the nerve to send messages over facebook to his cousin and his grandmother to clear the air....And got very short but sweet messages back.It was really a big weight off my shoulders whether I feel like I'm right or not. I honestly I am proud of myself for being the bigger person. Its hard sometimes but I have to get rid of all those blah feelings whether I feel like I was wrong or not. Sometimes I just know I have to do certain things...and my heart and my head have two different opinions about it. But it worked out for the best (I HOPE). Dana just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week and it scares me for that baby. I just hope that she makes a big life change and does the best for the baby.

So anyways. for tomorrow. I guess I'll continue with my cleaning (my closet is a wreck!)...Clean the bathrooms and finish steam cleaning my carpets. Cody will be at my parents for the better part of the day helping my dad with the shop, just the roof left to put on and they should be done! So I'll be riding solo getting things done around here.

I never know how to end these things!