Friday, June 4, 2010

Can't sleep a wink.

Ok so I can not sleep to save my own life right now so I'm gonna try and break this blog in.

Im hoping that tomorrow will go my way. I dont have anything to do besides sleep, and hopefully I get a call tomorrow and the lady at the staffing agency tells me that the job pays a millon bucks and I'll get the keep it forever! (ok no not gonna happen)....but I hope it at least pays well.

Its been a week now since I got laid off from my job and I guess I cant expect much more in so little time...and I've really tried. Its just exhausting, and so so stressful to try and look for a job when there are so few jobs and so many ppl wanting them. I've prayed and prayed about it and I guess what god wants for me is sometimes a little different than what I pictured. But I'll get there. I'm going to try and fill my FAFSA out tomorrow so hopefully I can go to school....we'll see...anyways I'm pretty tired. I think staring at this screen has helped me figure out how tired I really am! Goodnight!